About me

Someone once said to me: ‘I appreciate how you are creative and yet so organised at the same time’

Those two things are not mutually exclusive, of course. Still, I recognised myself a lot in that statement. To this day, it is my greatest strength and also the philosophy behind Lis/ANNE:

‘Lisanne’ is my first name, with ‘Lis’ being the social creative in me, and ‘ANNE’ the analytical observer.

As an introvert, I love building meaningful relationships. I’m a good listener with great attention to detail.

On a more personal level, ‘city girl’ is a good way to describe me. I feel comfortable in the dynamic and diverse environment of big cities. During our honeymoon, my husband and I fell in love with Singapore and we cherish a cautious dream of moving there in the future. Meanwhile, we enjoy living in the city centre of Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

My love for (South)East Asia started when I decided to study China Studies at Leiden University, during which I lived in Beijing for some time. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I completed the master’s programme Global Communication at Tilburg University. The subject of my master’s thesis was the use of social media among Chinese international students in the Netherlands.

Currently, I am working part-time at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as Office Assistant to the Ombuds Officer, where I am committed to creating a safe working and study climate for (international) staff and students.

Curious about my other work experience? Take a look at my portfolio.