What is intercultural project management?

Intercultural project management refers to the process of managing projects that involve individuals from different cultures and countries.

It is a crucial aspect of modern business and is essential for organizations that operate globally or work with diverse teams.

Intercultural communication is a critical component of intercultural project management. It involves the exchange of information between people from different cultures who may have different languages, values, beliefs, customs, and communication styles. Effective intercultural communication can facilitate understanding, promote cooperation, and help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Intercultural project management and intercultural communication are essential skills in today’s global business environment, and organizations that prioritize and invest in these areas can achieve greater success in their projects and operations.

During my studies and my through my work experience, I have learned to understand communicative challenges of living in a super-diverse, globalized and digital world. I have analyzed the way people acquire and use different communication skills, and I am aware of the role policy and education play in this.

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